Soil Sample Testing and Foliar Testing

Soil testing timing has always been a discussion point. We feel that any time of year is fine as long as you are consistent from year to year. Superior Crop Products has the ability to obtain regular soil and water soluble soil testing. We also, have a lab available to test for glyphosate levels in the soil. When looking for specific nutrient deficiencies and/or general health of the plant, foliar testing can be a worthwhile tool.


Feature Services

Superior Crop Products is able to provide a full line of products to promote a more conventional, non-GMO, style of farming as well as the GMO products.

Our products will enhance:

  • chemical programs to relieve glyphosate resistant weed pressure
  • soil environments to beakdown chemical residue
  • recovery of soil health
  • fortify economic resources

We do our best to provide you with the products and knowledge that are current and relevant to your operation




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February 21, 2017
Spencer, Iowa

Five years of soil test
results are in...Click here
to check out the lab results
and see how my soil health improved!