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February 21, 2017

Spencer, Iowa

Five years of soil test
results are in...Click here
to check out the lab results
and see how my soil health improved!

MaxRelease 450

Releases nutrients in the soil profile to help alleviate iron chlorosis, disease stress from fusarium and helps micronutrient uptake into the plant tissues.

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MaxRelease 450 Brochure (pdf)

What's In Your Soil?
Glyphosate Brochure (pdf)

See My Test Results!
Glyphosate Test Results (pdf)

In 2009, Superior Crop Products (SCP) discovered certain chemicals were very prevalent in SCP's test field located in Northwest Iowa. An initial soil sample was collected in January 2010 and sent to Columbia Food Laboratories, Inc. in Corbett, Oregon. Their testing revealed the levels of glyphosate and AMPA present in the soil.

MaxRelease 450 was applied in response to their findings. By August 2010, there was a marked reduction in glyphosate and AMPA levels. MaxRelease 450 has been repeatedly applied with the same reduced chemical levels as first observed.

The line graph below portrays the glyphosate and AMPA trends over the years. Have you tested your soil lately to see what levels exist?

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A waste management technique that involves the use of organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants from a contaminated site.

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Bio-Remediation Brochure (pdf)

Micro PT

Micro PT Product BrochureThis is a microbial blend of very aggressive carbon eaters. The power in this product is its ability to liquify the solids, eliminate crusting and minimize ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane gases. This product has continually been a top of the line microbial package.

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Micro PT Brochure (pdf)

Pit FX

Pit FX Product BrochureA companion product for PT. There are pits that have huge crust and/or solid buildups in manure pits. This product used correctly with PT can fix most any problem pit.

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Pit FX Brochure(pdf)

Pit Additive Pack 

Pit Additive Pack Product BrochureQuite often copper sulfate has a negative effect on microbial activity in pits. PAP helps to tie up copper sulfate to give the microbes a better environment to thrive in.

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Pit Additive Pack Brochure (pdf)


12-0-0-26 is a nitrogen based product that supplements the sulfur (or lack of) in the soil.


8-0-010 is a nitrogen based calcium product that gives the current crop a nutritional boost.


Contains calcium and sulfur, the two elements that promote stalk quality and plant health.


Lithovit will aLithovitccelerate the quality of growth, shelf life and storage. It will increase resistance and vitality for plant stability, drought tolerance and pest resistance. It will enhance the supply of essential trace elements to the plants balancing nuttrient supply within the cells.


Champion Seed Corn

Champion Seed Corn BrochureChampion Seed is an independently owned seed company offering every trait and genetic platform available in the market.  We give the farmer the seed options to fit any farming practices.

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Champion Seed Corn Brochure (pdf)

Prairie Hybrids

Prairie Hybrids CornA family owned seed company stationed in Deer Grove, IL. That specializes in growing the Highest quality Non GMO seed corn in the industry Via seed treatment, and conditioning practices. We select genetics that have high yield potential, good agronomics and some natural insect resistance. Our goal is to help the American Farmer grow Hybrids that produce Healthier Grain for our livestock, which produces healthier food for our Children.

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Prairie Hybrid Corn Brochure (pdf)

Organic Seed Catalog

Prairie Hybrids Corn

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Organic Seed Catalog 


eMerge Seed Product BrochureeMerge is dedicated in helping farmers, feed and food companies, and consumers realize benefits and value from our novel products. We are dedicated in providing all sectors throughout the entire chain a better alternative than the typical commodity markets by improving the bottom line, nutritional benefits, or substitution of a more expensive or limited resource product.

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eMerge Brochure (pdf)

Mustang & Coyote Seeds

eMerge Seed Product BrochureMustang got started in small grains, over the years they have adapted there product line as farmers in the five-state region they have moved strongly toward row crops. Now in the second generation of family ownership, they offer a full line of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, cover crops, grasses, and small grains. In other words, all your seed needs. 

Visit our Products: Mustang Seeds Products