About Superior Crop Products

Superior Crop Products was started in 2006 as an alternative company to the status quo. Time has been spent seeking products that directly influence the customer's bottom line.

Superior Crop Products is able to provide a full line of products that address moving back to a more conventional (non-GMO) style of farming. If you are experiencing a yield loss and cannot determine why, you may need to check into the possibility the yield loss may be due to the continual use of your GMO program. 

The Superior Crop Products program uses readily available products that help bring life back into the soil using different chemical programs to relieve glyphosate resistant weed pressure, and usually producing a more cost effective value as well as giving you a yield edge.

We aim to provide you with competitively priced products to help you boost your bottom line.


Mission Statement

Profit per acre is the bottom line of measurement. Yield is very important but not to the exclusion of profit. The desire of Superior Crop Products is to provide you (the customer) with the best quality products we can access today for your profitability.

Feature Services

We do our best to provide you with the products and knowledge that are current and relevant to your operation.










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February 21, 2017
Spencer, Iowa

Five years of soil test
results are in...Click here
to check out the lab results
and see how my soil health improved!